Travel Policy 14 – Out-of-Country Travel

Out-of-Country Travel

Prior approval is required for any out-of-country travel if it involves an overnight stay. Prior approval authorization for overnight travel is delegated to the traveler’s supervisor or authorized personnel.

All foreign travel funded by contract or grant funds requires prior approval of the funding agency. Federal contracts and grants require the use of U.S. Flag carriers unless otherwise approved by the sponsoring agency.

Employees may elect to claim the subsistence rate* published by the Department of State for any foreign travel funded by a federal agency on a contract or grant account. This decision must be made prior to submitting the proposal to the funding agency and the appropriate federal per diem requested in the proposed budget.

Foreign travel charged to state funds or trust funds may use either state rates for subsistence or the federal per diem depending on the availability of funds and subject to the prior approval of the supervisor and authorized account holder.

If an employee elects to claim the federal per diem, regardless of funding source, the published per diem is the maximum amount that can be reimbursed. EXCESS SUBSISTENCE FOR LODGING WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. A receipt of lodging expenses from a commercial lodging establishment must be presented for reimbursement.

*Out-of-country rates are available on-line
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