Financial Services Procedure 8 – University Receipt Books

Establishment or Renewal of the Fund

Obtaining a University Receipt Book

A University receipt book is obtained from the Office of Accounting Services, 270 Mossman Building, by University permanent, full-time employees only.

Separate receipt books are required for each University fund for which cash is collected. The University fund must be identified when receipt books are received and is written on the cover of the receipt book.

The Office of Accounting Services is responsible for maintaining a control log of University receipt books.

Preparation of Receipts

Each receipt consists of three parts — white copy is the payor copy, yellow copy is the departmental copy, and pink copy is the Accounting Office copy.

Each receipt should be prepared with the following information: date cash is collected, payor’s full name, amount collected, description of items collected, and signature of departmental personnel collecting cash.

Voided receipts must be initialed and dated with the word “VOID” written across the face of the receipts. All three copies of the receipt must be left intact in the receipt book for voided receipts.

Deposit of Monies Collected

Monies collected must be deposited with the Cashier’s Office daily in accordance with the Daily Deposit Act. Refer to Procedure No. 3.

Verification and Return of University Receipt Books

Each year, Accounting Services will send a receipt book verification form to individuals who have receipt book(s) that are still outstanding. The individual who has signed out the receipt book(s) is responsible for verifying the location of the receipt book(s). That person should sign the receipt book verification form and return it to Accounting Services by the date stated on the form. If a receipt book(s) cannot be located, the responsible person is required to attach a memo to the receipt book verification form stating that the receipt book(s) is missing. All receipt books are subject to be audited by the University Internal Auditor or State Auditor.

When a receipt book is completed, the receipt book must be returned to the Office of Accounting Services in person with pink copies (Accounting Office copies) intact. Do not mail receipt books. Also, full or partially used receipt books no longer needed by a department must be returned to the Office of Accounting Services.

The Office of Accounting Services is responsible for storage of receipt books.

Contact the Office of Accounting Services at ext. 4-5741 for questions regarding the University receipt books.