Financial Services Procedure 3 – Departmental Deposit Slip


The UNCG Cashier’s Office Departmental Deposit Slip is utilized by all university departments, schools, and offices in making deposits through the UNCG Cashier’s Office. This completed form must accompany all deposits made at the Cashier’s Office.

Departmental Deposit Slip – Depositing Cash

The Departmental Deposit Slip is initiated by a depositing department to deposit cash and checks to the Cashier’s Office.

The preparer(s) of this form must complete ALL sections. Signature and departmental phone extension number must be on all deposit slips.

This form must accompany any deposit made to the Cashier’s Office.

Proper documentation which explains the source and nature of the funds must be included in the deposit. Refer to Policy 10 concerning the standards for “departmental deposit documentation”.

Upon receipt of this form and the deposit, the Cashier’s Office will generate a Cashier’s Receipt for the funds deposited. The department will receive the original Cashier’s Receipt and a copy of the Departmental Deposit Slip.

Preparation of Departmental Deposit Slip

ALL Sections to be Prepared by the Initiating Department

DEPARTMENT: The name of the department placing the deposit.

CAMPUS ADDRESS: The address of the department placing the deposit.

TELEPHONE EXTENSION: Department telephone extension number.

TYPE NAME: Typed or neatly printed name of person preparing the deposit.

SIGNATURE: Signature of person preparing the deposit.

REMITTANCE: Amount of total cash and checks for deposit.

DEPOSIT DESCRIPTION: Short description of deposit.

FUND/INDEX: Six-digit fund/index code to which funds are to be deposited.

ACCOUNT CODE: Six-digit account code to which funds are to be deposited.

AMOUNT: The amount deposited for each fund/index and account code.

TOTAL: Total of the individual deposit amounts.

PLEASE NOTE: Remittance Total and Deposit Total MUST EQUAL.