Financial Services Procedure 12 – Exception Payroll Check Requests

In the situation in which an employee needs to be paid through the Payroll Exception Process, the employing department is responsible for generating the required EPAF or paperwork and ensuring the transaction is approved in the HR system and for requesting from the University Controller (by 12:00 pm on the third [3rd] business day after the regular Monthly Payroll check date) that a Payroll Exception Process check is needed. If the failure of the employee not being paid properly during the regular Monthly Payroll Process, is due to the employing department submitting incorrect personnel forms/EPAFs or failing to submit personnel forms/EPAFs, then a request for Payroll Exception Processing must be made in writing to the University Controller, signed by the Department Head, and indicate steps being taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Subsequently, on the sixth (6th) business day after the regular Monthly Payroll check date, any approved Payroll Exception Processing check may be picked up after 2:00 pm in Room 270 of the Mossman Administration Building.

The above dates may vary due to Holidays and reduced Monthly Payroll processing schedules. The deadline for requesting a Payroll Exception check for November of each year will be 12:00 pm on the second (2nd) business day of December, with the payroll exception processed checks being available for pickup after 2:00 pm on fifth (5th) business day of December.

Any additional pay due for general pay increase, add pay, supplemental pay, faculty/staff award, etc. will be included in the employee’s next paycheck dependent upon completed and approved personnel form/EPAF by the normal HR deadlines.