Financial Services Policy 9.2 – Policy on Exception Payroll Check Requests

The employing department is responsible for preparing and submitting the required position and personnel forms/EPAFS and for performing time entry by the prescribed deadlines. Problems occur if the necessary actions are not received on time or they are in error; or if errors are made in coding and data entry. An error correction Payroll Exception Process within the Banner HR Payroll System will be run as described in this policy which will require multiple steps processing to pay the employee accurately, assess and remit taxes properly, resolve individual payroll problems, and correct the payroll records.

The intent of this policy is to establish an efficient business process without causing a significant hardship for the employee. Basically, if the amount of incorrect pay is related to the employee’s Primary base job and the gross amount requested is at least 15% of the Primary job salary, then a Payroll Exception Process check will be issued provided the employee is not willing to have the underpayment paid in the next scheduled regular Monthly Payroll Process. If an employee is supposed to receive a regular monthly paycheck for their primary job and does not, then a Payroll Exception Process check will be issued, in accordance with compliance of Procedure 12 – Exception Payroll Check Requests.