Financial Services Policy 7.3 – Interdepartmental Invoices

Interdepartmental Invoices must be utilized for all purchases of goods and/or services by any university department from any other university department. The Interdepartmental Invoice authorizes payment of the order; therefore, it is utilized as the authority to direct charge the cost of the purchase to the university fund stated on the form. Interdepartmental invoices representing reimbursement of expenditures must be deposited in the fund and account code where the original expense was incurred. There is no sales tax charged on sales between university departments. The University Bookstore and Food Service operations are contracted to private companies.

The university department providing the goods and/or services is referred to as the campus vendor. Five campus vendors are responsible for most interdepartmental activity and likewise must supply their unique version of the Interdepartmental Invoice for campus use. These major campus vendors and their Interdepartmental Invoice forms are as follows:

Physical Plant BANFIN-59
Telephone Service BANFIN-66
University Bookstore BANFIN-60
University Food Serv BANFIN-69
Motor Pool BANFIN-72

Campus vendors other than those listed above utilize the BANFIN-33, Interdepartmental Invoice.

Refer to Procedure Number 6 for the procedures relative to the use and preparation of Interdepartmental Invoices.

Note:The Departmental Sales Invoice, BANFIN-35, is utilized by university departments to bill for the sale of goods and/or services to customers who are not departments within the University.