Financial Services Policy 7.2 – Telephone Charges

Telephone Charges – Direct Charge

All telephone charges – base and long distance charges – are charged directly to the University fund of the appropriate University department/school or office which established the telephone service. Each University department, school or office is responsible for analyzing their telephone charges to determine if any charges are to be reimbursed to the department.

Reimbursement of Telephone Charges From a University Fund:

Reimbursement of telephone charges by one University fund to another is accomplished utilizing the form BANFIN-33, Interdepartmental Invoice. This form is used if any portion of the telephone charges – base and/or long distance charges – should be paid from another University fund. The person responsible for the University fund that should be charged must prepare an Interdepartmental Invoice and submit it to the person/department responsible for the fund originally charged. The information provided on this form indicates the fund that is to be charged and the fund to which the deposit is to be made for reimbursement. The completed Interdepartmental Invoice is submitted to the Office of Accounting Services which will deposit the reimbursement with Cashier’s. Telephone charges against a contract or grant after their termination date are the responsibility of the department.

Personal Charges

University personnel should not charge personal calls on University telephones. If an employee should improperly charge personal telephone calls to the University, it is the department’s responsibility to collect reimbursement from the employee and deposit with Cashier’s such reimbursement to the proper fund.