Financial Services Policy 13.1 – Post-Issuance Compliance

Tax-Exempt Debt and Build American Bond
Post-Issuance Compliance Policies and Procedures


Part I.  Purpose

Part II.  Responsibility of University Officials

Part III.  Closing of Debt Issuances

Part IV.  Use of Debt Proceeds

Part V.  Special Provisions Applicable to Build America Bonds

Part VI.  Arbitrage Limitations Imposed on Debt Issuances

Part VII.  Accounting for Debt Proceeds

Part VIII.  Recordkeeping

Part IX.  Voluntary Closing Agreement Program

Part X.  Continuing Education

Exhibit A.  Revenue Procedure 97-13 – Management Contract Safeharbors

Exhibit B.  Internal Revenue Service Recordkeeping Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Exhibit C.  Internal Revenue Service Tax Compliance Guide

Exhibit D.  Internal Revenue Service Notice 2008-31 – Voluntary Closing Agreement Program

Adopted July 30, 2010