Financial Services Policy 11 – Cashier’s Student Accounts

Student Account

A student account is established for each student at the time the student is admitted to the University. This account is used to record student charges and payments. Each student is responsible for the proper settlement of his/her student account.

Payment-Tuition And Fees

Tuition and fees for all University students are due and payable before or on registration day. Payments may be made by cash, money order, check, webcheck or credit card. The student’s ID number should be shown on all payments.

Student Credit Policy

Students that receive awards through the UNCG Financial Aid Office from one or more of the following programs must pay the amount of their bill less the amount awarded for the financial aid. Any liability resulting from a reduction of financial aid becomes the student’s responsibility payable upon notification of the adjustment of the award. Financial aid awards for purposes of the credit policy are as follows: Pell Grants, Stafford Student Loans, Federal Insured Student Loans, Institutional Loans, SEOG, Perkins Loans, College Workstudy, departmental employment, N.C. Veteran Scholarships, Vocational Rehabilitation, Disabled Veterans, Minority Presence Grants and Fellowships, Student Incentive Grants, University Scholarships, Fellowships, Assistantships and Grants.

Students wishing to utilize Veterans benefits under the credit policy must demonstrate financial need in compliance with normal financial aid standards. Credit requests under this provision must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office accompanied by a financial aid request form no later than ninety (90) days before the beginning of an academic term. Final approval is contingent upon the student’s demonstration of need and a good credit history with the University.

Recipients of scholarships awarded by organizations outside the University in which direct payment is made to UNCG and notification is on file with the Student Aid Office may qualify under the credit policy.

Non-University Financial Aid

Approved payment plans with Academic Management Services will allow you to defer the amount approved for tuition and fees. You must pay the amount of the bill less the approved amount.

Outstanding Balances

Students with outstanding balances receive monthly statements. These balances must be paid prior to the end of the academic term. Students with outstanding balances at the end of an academic term are subject to holds which will result in prevention of: registration for a subsequent academic term, obtaining transcripts, or receiving a diploma. Once a hold has been placed on a student’s account, the account balance must be paid in full in order for the hold to be removed. When a student graduates or leaves UNCG, transcripts will not be granted under any circumstances until the account balance is $0.00. Students are subject to the collection policies of the University and the State of North Carolina if the outstanding balances remain unpaid.

Loan Repayments

Loan repayments for emergency loans are made at the Cashier’s Office. Perkins and Institutional loan repayments are made to the University’s billing agent, University Accounting Services, LLC (UAS). Inquiries regarding loans-due dates, balances, and other information are to be made by calling UAS at 1-800-999-6227.

Faculty-Staff Waivers

Faculty staff waivers must be turned into the Cashier’s office for credit by the last date to add or drop a class with the university registrar. Waiver requests submitted after this date will not be processed.