Financial Planning & Budgets Procedure 1 – Budget Transfers


A budget transfer is a budget change which moves budget from one fund/account to another fund/account without an increase or decrease in the total budget. A budget revision is a budget change that results in an increase or decrease in the total budget. Requests for budget transfers (other than those involving a grant or contract fund) may be submitted on-line using UNCGenie or Internet Native Banner (INB). The direct entry to UNCGenie will update the affected budgets instantly. Budget revisions (except for Budget Flexibility Revisions discussed below and Contracts and Grants) may be requested by memo to Financial Planning & Budgets (243 Mossman) from the Office of the Provost or other appropriate Vice Chancellor. The memo should describe the fund, account(s) and amount to be revised and a provide the reason for the revision. Budget transfers or revisions involving a Contract or Grant fund should be directed to the Office of Contracts and Grants.

Budget Flexibility Revisions (State Funds Only)

When budget needs to be moved between certain accounts or funds with different programs, a Budget Flexibility Revision may be required. This type of revision is required when budget is moved from or to salary accounts from or to a different account (for example, from EPA Teaching Salaries to Equipment) or between programs (for example, between an “instruction” fund and an “academic support” fund).

These revisions must be submitted on-line using UNCGenie (Budget Flexibility Revision System). After the revision is submitted for processing, it must be approved by an authorized approver before being posted to Banner Finance.

For assistance, please contact the Financial Planning and Budgets office at