Contracts and Grants Procedure 6 – Budget Revisions


There is considerable variation in sponsor policies relative to approval authorities for budget revisions. Accordingly, sponsor agency guidelines and award terms must be consulted when revisions are contemplated. Budget revisions should be based upon the financial plan and cost trends for the award budget period involved. To the extent possible, budget revisions should reflect all necessary reallocations of resources that are foreseen through the end of the budget period. Revisions solely for the purpose of coping with near-term problems (e.g., a $35.00 overdraft in the supplies category) should be avoided. If resources in all categories are already substantially committed to known requirements, a budget revision can only serve to defer, not resolve, a financial problem. In such cases, reduction of the project scope and effort may be the only viable solution. Another but less likely possibility may be additional funding by the sponsor.

Content of Revision

Each budget revision should be limited to a single fund, such as 200016, 225019, etc., and can be submitted via email or via memorandum. Each budget revision requested should provide pertinent information found in Appendix 7.

Revisions Request – Requiring Sponsor Approval

If prior sponsor approval is required for a budget revision, the information, as noted in Appendix 7, will be used by the assigned Contracts and Grants Specialist to prepare an institutional prior approval request/audit trail document and draft letter to the sponsor for approval by the Associate Director. If approved, a draft of the letter to the sponsor will be emailed by the assigned Contracts and Grants Specialist to the principal investigator for review prior to release to the sponsor.

Budget requests not requiring sponsor approval are normally processed within a few days of receipt by the Office of Contracts and Grants.

Implementation of Approved Revision

When agency approval is received, the budget revision will be entered into the Financial Accounting System by the assigned Contracts and Grants Specialist and the principal investigator so notified.


Problems or questions relating to budget revisions should be referred to the Office of Contracts and Grants.