Contracts and Grants Procedure 11 – Research Subject Advance Fund


In very exceptional circumstances, cash advances are made to principal investigators or designated administrative representatives for such purposes as nominal payments for Research Subject or Incentive Fees.

Application for Cash Advance

If a cash advance is deemed necessary to carry out research or training activities, a Research Subject Advance form (CGBANFIN-34) should be submitted to the Office of Contracts and Grants including a statement of justification, which should contain the following information:

  • Purpose of the funds
  • Justification of the amount requested
  • Physical safeguards (where and how funds are kept)

If a cash advance request is approved, the check request will be processed and a check payable to the Principal Investigator or custodian will be drawn through the regular accounts payable system. The check will be charged to a cash advance fund, fund number 148502-500101.

Reimbursement Process

Within 45 days of receipt, the cash advance funds must be replenished by completing the ‘Reimbursement ‘ section of the CGBANFIN-34 form, charging the grant fund number, and account 221330 (Research Subject Incentives). The original copies of all signed statements of participants who received subject/incentive fee payments must be attached to the CGBANFIN-34. A check charged to the contract or grant fund will be written payable to the Principal Investigator or Custodian of the fund to bring the cash advance back to the original amount.

Due to the HIPAA and confidential regulations, when an individual’s name cannot be used, C&G only requires a study subject number, dates of service and the following statement, when preparing a check request, petty cash reimbursement or gift card reconciliation: Detailed study subject records kept on file in department. It is the responsibility of the department to keep these records on file for audit purposes. When preparing the check requests for study subject expenses the original receipts are to be submitted with the check request.

Settlement of Cash Advances

As soon as the cash needs are complete, but definitely prior to award termination, the cash advance fund must be turned in to the Cashier’s Office. Cash and/or checks totaling the original amount of the cash advance must be deposited to fund no. 148502-500101 to clear the advance. Please send a copy of the deposit slip to C&G Office (Remember to include your name and grant fund on deposit slip).