Contracts and Grants Policy 6 – Action Upon Receipt of Award


For most grants and contracts, the date to begin the funded research and/or other activities is subsequent to the receipt of the official notification of award from the sponsor. The official notification is in the form of electronic notification or a mailed or faxed officially signed document.

Upon receipt of a formal notice of award, the Office of Contracts and Grants takes the following steps:

  • Assigns a Contract or Grant Fund Number.
  • Establishes the parameters for the fund.
  • Establishes the line item budget that is congruent with the University’s Chart of Accounts.

The principal investigator is notified via e-mail of the fund number and other pertinent information on a Grant Award Brief form (Appendix 8.) The Grant Award Brief provides award information in a synopsized format, requested information and a line-item breakdown of the approved budget. The Grant Award Brief with the attached line-item budget breakdown serves as a ready reference to outline significant requirements and designates the responsible UNCG Contracts and Grants Specialist.

Note: The principal investigator does not have authority to expend on a sponsored project until the Grant Award Brief is issued. See Appendix No. 8 for a sample of a Grant Award Brief. Refer to Policy No. 8 for expenditure guidelines. No charges can be made against existing funds that are not permanent charges. More specifically, charges may not be transferred later as a mechanism for starting the grant in advance.

Furthermore, Pre-Award Costs cannot be incurred in advance of the effective date of the award unless the exception is specifically recognized, defined, and authorized by the award agreement or via an Assumption of Risk request. See Assumption of Risk (AOR) Form (AOR Form.)

Assumption Of Risk Policy

Please refer to the Office of Sponsored Programs web page for handling situations where the official notice of award has not been received.