Contracts and Grants Appendix 8 – Contracts and Grants Award Brief

UNCG Fund Number:
Budget Period:
Budget Award Amount:
Project Title:
Grant Origin:
Matching: Yes/No If yes, see separate matching award brief.

This is to summarize pertinent information concerning your program. If you have any questions regarding your fund balances, rebudgeting, policy interpretations or other administrative matters, please contact, (name) Contracts and Grants Specialist, at extension 4XXXX or via e-mail address ______________. If you have any questions regarding accounts payable issues, please contact Ralice Gertz, Accounts Payable Supervisor, at ext. 5740 or via e-mail address

Fund Number
Please note the University’s identifying fund number. You are requested to cite this number with the proper account code on all University documents requiring an fund number.

Attached is a copy of your budget. Monthly financial reports can be accessed via e-print. However, it is your responsibility to contact the Office of Contracts and Grants to assure that your expenditure records correspond with our records. Please note that you must follow the University’s purchasing and accounting procedures, and you are responsible for all overdrafts. Please refer to the Policies and Procedures Manual for more details on the reports to be received and the proper accounting and purchasing procedures that must be followed.

Authorized Signers
Please e-mail the Contracts and Grants Specialist at with names of any additional signers on this fund.

Purchase Orders
For Banner Financerequisitioning capability, please e-mail the Contracts and Grants Specialist with names of individuals for this fund. You must provide sufficient lead-time when submitting your purchase requisitions for the university purchasing process. Standard requirements less than $5,000 require 3-4 days. Requirements exceeding $5,000 must be formally bid by the Purchasing Department. Please allow 15 days for requests between $5,000 and $25,000. Requirements exceeding $25,000 must be posted to the Internet and require approximately 3 weeks.

All personnel forms should be filed on a timely basis to ensure proper use of grant and non-grant funds. Please consult the web site for payroll processing deadlines.